The Beginning

Our flight was uneventful, which is always a relief.  While The Mister is a seasoned business class traveler, I am an experienced coach class survivor.  This was probably my first (and last) opportunity to enjoy the pleasures and luxuries hidden behind the business class curtain and I planned on making the most of it.  The Mister promptly passed up the offered champagne-before-take-off, so I enjoyed his as well as my own.  He arranged his media, ate his meal and promptly fell asleep one hour after take-off.  I ordered one of everything on the menu (delivered in courses, naturally) and stayed awake all night pressing the recline and footrest buttons on the magic seats and watching 15 minutes of every movie offered.  I must have nodded off at some point though as I missed the promised ice cream sundae.

We landed and managed to get through Customs and Immigration quickly. Amazing, since Heathrow reported lines up to 3 or 4 hours long  due to typical summer travel and upcoming Olympic events.  We had tons of luggage <ahem> so a taxi/car was the most expeditious form of travel to our temp quarters near the City.   All went well and we were happily unpacking in our  flat within 2.5 hours of landing.

Our new, albeit temporary neighborhood, is adjacent to St. Paul’s Cathedral.  We are staying in a lovely, 2 bedroom, 2 bath flat in The King’s Wardrobe Apartments.  The street and flat are generally very quiet, although you can hear the Cathedral bells ringing every 15 minutes until midnight and every hour between midnight and 6.  An excellent amenity if you are a punctual person (or not). My husband and I strategically chose the bedroom at the back of the flat and left the bedroom closest to the bells to the teenager. Ha!

The area is really lovely with St. Paul’s Cathedral dominating the skyline, the small coffee shops and wine bars encircling Paternoster Square.  The best way to discover all that is good in a neighborhood is to walk.  We discovered a great little place that serves excellent coffee at half the price of Giant Chain in the square.  Try Grace on the corner of Creed Lane for coffee and crumpets if you are ever in the neighborhood.

Things to know

The King’s Wardrobe Apartments offer short and long term stays.  You can find my review for the apartments here .

The closest tube line (Central/red) is about a 7 minute walk (St Paul’s tube stop).

You can pick up groceries at one of the two small markets located adjacent to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The #23 bus runs past St. Pauls Cathedral and takes you past many of the popular sites in London.

The Departure

After months of compulsive sorting, labeling, donating and resorting, the packers and movers are finally here.  We will be living in  a lovely, tiny flat in the middle of London so most of our household goods are heading to storage.  We are bringing a few suitcases (by few I mean 11), the family, a box of travel guides and a some of my favorite things.  I hope to share the trials, tribulations and triumphs of living in one of the world’s greatest cities.  Wheels up for London @9pm.  Hope you’ll join me.