Migrating, Moving and Mid-life Mayhem

Well, I have a updates for you.  Remember back, back, back in time when I warned you a website migration was coming?  This is the week it happens,  so if you log on to see if I’ve done anything productive this past week, you’ll be redirected to my new website.  Since this migration involves technology and a million moving parts, you can guarantee a few bumps in the road….broken links, bizarrely categorized posts and other weirdness.  I’m sorry and I promise it will all be sorted as soon as possible.

Beverly Hillbillies Moving Day

Beverly Hillbillies Moving Day

I’m moving to a new flat in London.  It’s a long story and starts with “You can’t fit seven people in a two bedroom flat the size of a closet even on a temporary basis.”  or  “As much as I love people-watching at the posh club across the street, the 3am drunken anthems under my window and late night cab vs. limo  wars are getting on my last damn nerve.”  More to follow.

It’s my birthday week and I’m looking forward to some Funfetti cake and a few cocktails to kick off a mid-life crisis.

Thanks so much for following me and I’ll see you on the other side.






2 comments on “Migrating, Moving and Mid-life Mayhem

  1. Robin says:

    Happy happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Good luck on the transition (it feels like eeeerybody’s doin’ it…are we late to the gaem?!)!

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