” Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness…”  – Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad/ Roughing It 


Welcome! I am a teacher, traveler, blogger and mother with a penchant for roller derby, bulldogs and gin cocktails. Before moving to London, my family made 13 household moves to various locations around the world at the behest of the U.S. Submarine Service and my submarine Captain husband. Our move to London was our 14th. Our life of moving boxes and mayhem stayed with our family after our military life ended. The Mister traded the Navy life for expat corporate life in London. I traded classroom life for something less defined. It’s unsettling, this transition away from teaching to something new. A Passport Affair is my attempt to carve a new life from my three favorite things…slow travel, good food and the joy and satisfaction of discovering something and someone new.  I hope it works out, and if not…it will be a fabulous journey.

Why travel?  Travel feeds the restless soul.  It transforms the way we see the world, ourselves and each other and teaches us gratitude, wonder, empathy, patience, generosity and humility.  It makes us question who we are and why we see things the way we do.  Travel is education for the mind, body and soul.

Why food?  I’m half Italian and any true Italian knows that it’s all about the food.  Food is social.  Food is how we offer you love, friendship and hospitality.  I could spend a day standing in the kitchen cooking for anyone/everyone and I did.  I ran a small gourmet meal delivery service called “Guess Who’s Coming With Dinner!” for a number of years.  There is a zen joy in cooking and I appreciate when someone prepares a meal for me.  I also love to eat. Mangia!

Something new? It really doesn’t have to be new to thrill me.  I do find personal satisfaction in learning from someone, with someone or in spite of someone.  Travel offers learning opportunities on a daily basis.  Everyone you meet knows something you don’t. Embrace it.

Odd, But Important Things About Me

*The only book I read more than once was A Prayer for Owen Meany .  I also read Goodnight Moon 5,438 times, but not always by choice.

*Before I travel to a new country, I google the potential for a poisonous insect encounter.  I go regardless of the results, but please God, let there not be spiders.  Or scorpions.  Cockroaches and snakes = ok.

*I hate to fly.  The only time I came close to enjoying the experience was on an Etihad flight from London to Abu Dhabi. Highly recommend.

Gentle Ben with a friend

Gentle Ben with a friend

*Despite my professed love of English bulldogs, my real heart lies with a Newfoundland dog named Ben.  He was my loyal friend and companion until his 12th birthday.  We had to put him down 5 years ago and it still breaks my heart when I think about it.  If you’ve ever loved a dog, you’ll understand.

Retro tour/ Small Car, Big City

Retro tour/ Small Car, Big City

*I have three children who are scattered around the world at the moment…one in Haiti, one in India and one on a farm in Switzerland.  I don’t know why they can’t stay in one place. 🙂 I am immensely proud of the work they do and feel privileged they come home to visit …wherever home happens to be at the moment.

*I have eclectic tastes in music.  My playlist includes everything from Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald to The Clash and Arctic Monkeys.  I’m a musical mess.  Note:  If you play Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World, I will cry.  Every. Single. Time.

*I’ve lived in 14 different places and I don’t consider any of them “home.”  Someday, maybe I’ll find that place.

Thank You

Whether you fell through the rabbit hole of cyberspace and found this blog or were actively seeking information about life in London and the UK, I’m glad you’re here. If you stumbled across my blog seeking a fellow traveler, I’m thrilled and hope you stay to share your adventures with me. Either way, I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment and I hope you do so often.  Best, Megan


7 comments on “About

  1. journeycount says:

    I’ve really loved reading your stories about Jordan (my top ‘needtovisitsoon’ country!) and so I am awarding you these blog awards to let you know that I think your blog is great! http://journeycount.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/appreciation-and-awards/

  2. Evez says:

    I came here through journeycount and had to laugh so hard when I read your blogs name. That’s really unique (and quite catchy!) haha

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