“Why Do You Sleep in the Road?” A Night in the Wadi Rum


Mohammed dropped us off at Milky Way Camp and drove off in a cloud of desert sand. Our camp host showed us to our tent and invited us for a cup of tea, which we gladly accepted.   It had been a long day and we were exhausted. I don’t know why we were so tired…jeep trekking, tea-drinking and dune-running in the Wadi Rum desert all day?  Perhaps.

camp tent best

As much as we wanted to sit in the tent and drink tea for hours, it was getting late and we had to scramble if we wanted to watch the sun set across Wadi Rum. Rachel and I set down our tea cups, grabbed our cameras and set out across the valley. We saw a hill in the distance and decided the top of that hill would be the best place to catch the last rays of sun.  We walked for 20 minutes and decided to sit down for a minute to rest.


We sat silently for a long time, enveloped by the incredible beauty of  Wadi Rum. We watched a herd of goats heading home, a pair of camels wandering across the sand and the last rays of sun dropping behind the mountains.  It was absolutely silent and so….peaceful.

I heard the engine before I saw the jeep.  I screamed for Rachel to wake up.

It seemed our “sitting for a minute to rest” had turned into “tipping over and falling dead asleep in the sand” 500 feet from camp. I turned to see the jeep idling 20 feet from us.  The driver was a young-ish man, traditionally dressed in a shemagh and white robe. He looked at me through the windscreen.  I looked at him.  We stared at each other for a minute or so before he stuck his head out the window…

Man:  “You from the camp?”

Me: “Yes!”

Long awkward pause.   He grinned.

Man:  “Why do you sleep in the road?!”

What road?  How was I to know the weed-less part of the sand is considered the road?  I told him we were walking to take pictures of the sunset and got tired.  He laughed hysterically.

Man: “You like the Bedouin…you tired, you sleep… you awake, you go.  Come.  I will give you a ride to see the sunset.”

Rachel and I piled into the front seat of  the truck and barreled across the desert with our new friend, Abdullah (also manager of the tourist camps in Wadi Rum) just in time to see the sun sink behind the mountains.   Another instance of  Arabic hospitality.  Shokran Jazeelan, Abdallah. It was a beautiful sunset.

sunset wadi

Things To Know:

Milky Way Ecolodge is situated within the Wadi Rum protected area of Southern Jordan.  Owned and managed locally, the camp offers visitors a comfortable and ecologically sensitive way to enjoy all the desert has to offer.  The raised tents sleep  1 to 6 people in comfortable (real!) beds, complete with bedding, duvets, pillows and linens.  The camp also provides full (and solar-powered) bathroom facilities…showers, toilets, sinks and running water. Meals are served communally in the gathering tent where guests can sit, drink tea and socialize with other “campers”  after dinner,

Candles provide lighting at night in the tents and at dinner, but it’s a good idea to bring a flashlight/torch/headlamp.

Children are warmly welcomed!

The accommodations were lovely, the food was good, the company exceptional.  Sitting in the silent desert watching the Milky Way spread out across a pitch-black night sky while listening to Abdullah tell stories about growing up in Wadi Rum was magical, at least for these city girls.  Go.  

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our stay in Milky Way Camp!