Happy Birthday, Prince of Cambridge

After the new little Prince of Cambridge was born, photographers were ready to pack up their tents and cameras and head home. Even they are tired of standing around talking about nothing  20 hours a day.  The crowds have thinned a bit at St. Mary’s Hospital, but not at the Palace.  I walked through Green Park this morning and saw thousands of people crowding the gates, hoping to glimpse the Royal Birth Announcement (PS, it’s quite small a la the Mona Lisa effect).

London Eye/ Jordon Lee/Twitter

London Eye/ Jordon Lee/Twitter

It’s been a fabulous few days. Patriotic colors spun around the edge of the London Eye in celebration and the BT Tower proclaimed “It’s A Boy!”   It was a celebration all round the world.

Tip:  to avoid this, always stay North of the rope in Green Park

Tip: to avoid this, always stay North of the rope in Green Park 🙂

Today, crowds piled into Green Park and the Tower of London to witness two Royal Gun Salutes.  The  Green Park salute was a 41 gun salute, twenty more than the traditional celebratory 21 gun because it takes place in a Royal Park.  There are rules, you know.  The Tower was 62 guns…the standard 21, plus 20 for a Royal fortress and an additional 21 as a tribute from the City of London.  Got it? It is a spectacular thing to watch.  The band marched entertained the waiting crowd with a weird playlist that included the theme from Indiana Jones and a few Star Wars numbers, rounded out with Rule, Britannia.  Not sure what that all means, but it kept everyone quiet.  A few minutes before 2:00pm, The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery came barreling down  Green Park on horseback, caissons in tow , disengaged the guns and kept riding on.  If you’re wondering why I posted the YouTube video instead of my own, it’s because I had my camera on the wrong setting for the 45 seconds it took them to ride by.  Yes, I was sad/mad. Still am, but enjoy the concept.

Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery

Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery

Happy Birthday, Little Prince.


The Snowmen of Green Park

I know, I know.  Enough with the snow.  I can’t help it.  It is SUCH a pleasant change from the gray, drizzly rain (reminds me of my years living in Seattle).  I don’t care how cold it is or how much snow piles up around your knees… at least you can do something in the snow…make snowmen, throw snowballs and act like you’re five.  The Mister and I were headed to a photography exhibit  at the Natural History Museum, but made a short detour through Green Park.  Which turned into a long detour.  The park was a veritable forest of snowmen filled with people of all ages rolling giant snowballs and adding artistic touches to their snowman masterpieces.  We stopped to talk to two girls who were building their very first snowman.  One was from California, the other from Crete, both now living in London as students.  Another young couple had just enough time to build a tiny snowman, take a picture and hurry off to the Palace to finish the day’s tour (you have to look hard to find the snowbaby in the picture).  Two girls broke open their bag of Oreo cookies and hastily ate the filling to create two choclate-wafer eyes and a series of buttons for their “snowgirl.” Locals invited the tourists to join the fun…old people shouted snowman-making advice over the fence, dogs ran through the park snatching the twig arms from snowman bodies. So many happy faces from so many different places and it was so beautiful.

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